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Industrial Cabinet Cooler Usages In The Oil & Gas Industry

An industrial cabinet cooler is often installed in hazardous areas. For instance, it is used when harvesting gas or oil. However, they often are placed in other manufacturing sites.

Primary Purpose of Hazardous Area Cabinet Coolers
It resists head and corrosion within gas and oil refinery lines. Some of them work at temperatures measuring at a rate of up to 5600 BTU per hour. Others are useful at heat rates of about 275-550 BTU per hour.

These hazardous area cabinet cooling systems can bring temperatures down to as long as 20 degrees Celsius or 7 degrees Farhrenheit. Many models of cabinet coolers also have drain filter separators that could keep moisture out of the gas or oil lines.

Aside from fuel fracking, cabinet coolers are used when processing pharmaceutical, chemical and other substances. Their stainless steel used to make them are engineered for maximum resistance against corrosion and oxidation.

Features of Vortex Coolers
This type of cabinet cooling component is an example of one that requires little to no maintenance. Some types of coolers require no wiring or electricity when installing. Certain models use filtered and dried compressed air, and most of them prevent infiltration of dust or dirt. This debris separation process also keeps wires of electric-powered varieties of gas and oil manufacturing machines dry.

Not all types are used for gas and oil manufacturing. However, Vortex cabinet cooling models have features such as a thermostat and choices between side, top or front mount. They also have temperature spikes, and this reduces electronic failure rates when this type of power runs it.

The Ideal Industrial Cabinet Cooler
An ideal cabinet cooling system prevents production shutdowns. Therefore, it lowers production costs. It also can reduce the expense it takes to maintain them if they are built to withstand extreme heat and cold. In addition, it helps when hazardous area cabinet coolers take up less space. They also use less energy than traditional air conditioners.

Some mountable coolers use up only about a tenth of the space that other HVAC methods used to send cool air into production areas. They also are more effective than standard cooling fans. Furthermore, they are usually built to allow for easy cleaning when wiping away their exterior surfaces.

In addition, the best cabinet cooling systems usually are built using minimal moving parts. This helps ensures minimal wear and tear and is one more feature that reduces maintenance costs.

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