Leak Detection

Why Package Leaks Can Be Dangerous

Package handlers must deal with a wide range of items, merchandise and containers from all over the world. The government has established a very clear set of rules governing how hazardous chemicals must be handled, moved and stored. The most advanced package leak detection equipment can use mobile devices and online analysis to help you get answers fast.

Time is of the Essence

Modern consumers want to know where their packages are at all times. These real-time location notification systems allow customers to go online using parcel identification numbers. Workers scan the items in at each stage of the journey.

The modern package delivery company also wants to complete its tasks quickly, while adhering to the most strict safety guidelines. If a firm has a serious hazardous chemical accident, it could lead to fines, shutdowns and a host of other negative consequences. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all package handlers closely follow the chemical material safety data sheet for hazardous materials.

What are Hazardous Materials?

Chemicals that tend to be flammable, combustible, or poisonous might be classified as hazardous by OSHA. During package delivery, these must be isolated and placed in firm, stable positions. There are also categories of chemicals that cannot be placed next to one another.

The problem with packages leaking, is that it can make relatively harmless, inert chemicals (as classified by OSHA), suddenly dangerous. A good example is Mentos and soda pop: completely harmless separately, but they can lead to geysers when mixed. This could be disastrous if it happens while you are trying to be productive.

Avoid Contamination

High-quality package leak detection equipment can be used before loading up a parcel for the next stage of the journey. If your package leaks or is easily damaged during shipment, it can not only arrive damaged but depending on the contents, it can also damage surrounding items and result in a lot of business problems such as damaged shipment claims. While it is important to follow proper regulations for packaging and labeling, you should also ensure your packaging is structurally sound.

The holidays are also key times when people are extremely excited about receiving their gifts on time. Toys, stuffed animals, and expensive electronics equipment can be destroyed with even a simple liquid leak. Take the initiative to prevent damage to your business reputation by purchasing high-quality package leak detection equipment ahead-of-time.

Keep your employees safe and make sure that you deliver the package contents in good condition by using superior leak detection devices. These leak detection gadgets are mobile and can be linked to the Internet for analysis. Deliver superior customer service by identifying leaks before they become catastrophes.

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