It is within the safety mandate of Gastem, that the Company will not move forward with an industrial operation when there are clear safety concerns that may threaten the health and well being of our personnel or cause damage to the environment.

This policy is streamlined with all currently enforced health and safety acts and requirements, which importantly present that all workers have the right to know what products, are on site and the hazardous or toxic elements of those products.

Gastem safety policy is clear, stating that all Supervisors of our Supervisory Personnel are required to;
• Perform a complete hazard analysis when planning any operation.
• The hazard analysis is reviewed with Contractors and Sub-Contractor Supervisors.
• The hazards are reviewed with all working personnel prior to the operation.

Supervisors and Contractors are required to;
• Be present for and/or facilitate daily and shift change safety meetings.
• Specific Meetings to explain critical procedures.
• Document detail of these meetings in a daily report.
• Provide a hard copy of the documentation to the Health and Safety Manager with the project wrap up report.