Development and Community

Gastem looks to support the local community in which it operates, by providing education programs and economic stimulus. Gastem supports transparency and disclosure of activities and chemical analysis to ensure the livelihood and peace of mind of residents in the community.

The Company works closely with regulatory bodies to ensure smooth, efficient and eco-friendly operations. Gastem employs a practical approach to detailing the process and procedures undertaken in its exploration programs.

Some ways in which Gastem strives to connect with the community are;
• Publicly available lab results
• Town hall sessions, including Town of Maryland official representatives, City officials in Soil and Water Management, Emergency Response team and 911 first responders
• Local media representation and access to site

The 4-tier approach to Ensuring Environmental Compliance

Impact to Community;
• Open dialogue, economics and education

Water Use;
• Volume of water use, drainage issues (sediment load), chemical introductions and disposal

Terrestrial Change;
• Landscape ecology, logging, wildlife, invasive species, access improvement, rock and shale to stabilize the well-site

Protection Policies and Procedures;
• Federal, Regional, State and Industry Best Practices