6 Business Essentials Made With 3D Printers

Many 3d printer designs are a lot of fun to make because they’re revolutionary. For instance, some 3d print technologies actually make musical instruments. If you’re a business owner and you’re considering the use of 3d print, check out the list below of business essentials that can be made in your office.

1. Tape Dispenser

Every office needs tape dispensers. What’s unique about making them with a 3d printer is you can create any design that you want, instead of just distributing the basic dispensers found at most stores. You can also print dispensers that are unique in design. For additional information, visit www.agile-manufacturing.com and learn from their available resources.

2. Stackable Storage Bins

There are always plenty of things to store in an office, which is why being able to print stackable storage bins is worthy of consideration. This type of storage bin is best because you can make the most of the space in your office.

3. Business Card Holder

While business cards are obviously customized, you can also print a custom business card holder. You can make one that’s portable and one that’s stationary for your desk. A business card holder is a 3d printer design that’s a simple solution and easy to make.

4. LED Light

If you spend a lot of time in the office, you might not want to use the fluorescent lights. If that’s the case, consider getting your own LED lamp. Although it almost seems hard to believe, you can actually print the components of an LED light using a 3d printer.

5. Office Supply Container

There are always a lot of supplies floating around an office and on a desk. It’s a good idea to use an office supply container as a way to stay organized. You can use it to keep all of the supplies on your desk in order so that you know where things are located. This can also minimize the amount of clutter in your office. Some people focus a lot better when there isn’t as much stuff on their desk.

6. Pen Holder

A pen holder is simple, but beneficial. It can be frustrating needing a pen and not being able to find one. It’s great to have a pen holder so that you always have access to a pen when you need it.

Being able to print business necessities is a game changer for some professionals because you can always have access to what you need quickly. It’s like having a miniature manufacturing business in your office. These are just a few examples of many. There are wide-ranging office essentials that can be printed in about an hour using 3d technology. Sometimes objects can be printed faster.